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Standard Pump

Standard pump


This unit consists of a hand operated pump, similar in function to a grease gun, but has special
rubber seals to operate with hydrolastic fluids. The pump is self-contained and is operated upright with the fluid chamber at the top allowing easy monitoring of the fluid level and ease of top up.
We recommend the unit is only half filled for ease of operation.
Product Details
The hose is fitted with a special Schrader type adaptor which is constructed so the car refilling valve is not mechanically opened, thus avoiding loss of fluid during coupling and removal. The car valve is forced open by hydraulic pressure during refilling strokes of the pump.
The integral gauge can be used to monitor the peak pumping pressure and to indicate fluid pressure is being generated during pumping strokes.
200cc fluid capacity
Individually tested to 450 psi (30 bar) on our Hydrolastic/Hydragas suspension test rig.
1m of high pressure resistant nylon hose
Standard Schrader valve connector
Small size to suit the tool box
Supplied with our instruction sheet for usage
Each of the pumps and compressor tools are despatched in purpose made postal tubes to ensure safe delivery, and the tubes also provide a handly workshop storage container to keep the equipment clean and prevent damage.
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