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Low-Loss Connector

Low-loss connector


The low loss connector is a self-contained adaptor to connect a pump hose to the car suspension fill valve and couples via a Schrader type fitment.
This unit is constructed so the car refilling valve can be mechanically opened by use of the connectors operating lever. This operates within the sealed hydraulic system thus avoiding loss of fluid during operation of the car suspension valve.
The low-loss connector can be used to open the car valve so the car system can be drained of fluid in the event of a major overhaul, or so the car system pressure can be monitored via suitable external means.
Product Details
Individually tested to 450 psi (30 bar) on our Hydrolastic/Hydragas suspension test rig.
Low-loss Schrader valve connector with operating lever
Virtually zero fluid loss during use
Supplied with 4mm OD hose connection and also 1/8” BSP adaptor
With suitable adaptors can be used on various other manufacturers pumps
Small size to suit the tool box
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