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Cone Compressor Tool

Classic Mini Suspension cone compressor tool


This tool allows the suspension cones of Classic “Dry” Minis to be compressed to allow removal or replacement.
The tool suits standard metric rubber cone suspension systems as fitted from about 1976.
Also available is an imperial version for cars manufactured before 1976.
Product Details
Both versions of this tool are manufactured with a one piece solid steel shaft and heavy duty
compression casing with a broad fully welded base plate to minimise body shell damage. Featuring a spanner flat area to allow easy installation.
Please note some subframes manufactured around 1976 have a small access hole to the suspension cones and a special reduced diameter tool is available to suit this need.
Note keep greased – particularly the threaded areas.
Of proven all steel design.
Will last a life time of normal use
Supplied with double hexagon nuts and steel thrust washer
Small size to suit the tool box
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